Sweet Peet® Organic Mulch Eliminates Weeds

Weed Mats Beneath Mulch Defeat Benefits of Organic Mulch

We DO NOT RECOMMEND using a weed mat or other fabric beneath mulch. Using a weed mat or other fabric beneath organic mulch defeats many of the benefits of organic mulch by placing a barrier between the soil and the mulch. You want the organic matter to break down and enrich the soil with nutrients and organic matter.

A fabric prevents this enrichment and prevents beneficial organisms such as earthworms from proliferating in the fabric-covered soil. Fabric-covered soil depletes the soil of organic matter because it acts as a barrier to organic mulch and leaf litter that adds to soil organic matter.

Soil organic matter enhances the soil biota, the microorganisms, that are so important to plant health but also Sweet Peet not only prevents weeds by smothering but its unique cat-ion exchange is inhospitable to surface weeds.

Garden and Landscaping Tip

Never, ever put polyethylene plastic over the soil above roots. Plastic will block both air and water and can cause serious problems for a tree if enough of the root zone is covered.