Unhealthy Plants

Unhealthy Plants


Enriches Soil, Restores Gardens To Healthy, Vibrant Plants

Organic gardening is the only method with which we can assure that our plants are healthy while knowing that no pesticides are used during its growth. It may not be easy to look after as it is in case of regular gardening. But once we start to see the difference and feel the hygienic and healthy benefit, it is for sure that we will not go back to regular gardening method.

Another way that organic matter is used in the garden is to cover the soil. Mulches can be applied in winter or summer. Winter mulches protect the roots of young perennials and bulbs, while summer mulches retain soil moisture and limit weed seed germination.

Organic Mulch

Organic mulch is preferable to those who enjoy getting their hands into the earth. This type of mulch consists of natural, organic ingredients that eventually decomposes into the soil making it better and easier to work with. Organic mulch, such as Sweet Peet® allows water to absorb easily into the ground, encourages beneficial earthworms. Its near neutral pH value helps in both acid and alkaline soils in maintaining the ph sweet spot to release locked up nutrients to the feeder roots of garden plants.