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Sweet Peet : 100% Organic Mulch

If you are growing vegetables, chances are that you are doing so for health and environmental reasons. You may want better nutrition, lower food bills, and more exercise, but it doesn’t make any sense for you to use a vegetable garden mulch that could cost you all of the benefits you get from gardening. Your garden compost should only come from the best organic garden mulch for sale. That includes using organic dirt and avoiding any harmful chemicals that may stand in the way of your nutrition and health.

For those who are interested in growing flowers and plants indoor, an organic potting mix makes perfect sense. Organic soils tend to be less hazardous and easier on your home than other potting soils. You don’t want to bring unnecessary chemicals into your home for potting purposes. Get the best for your family, pets, and home, and watch your plants flourish like never before.

Check out our organic products that will provide you with the best growth for your flowers, food, and other plants. Beyond great growth and yield, you will be helping keep the environment healthy for the planet. We have the best organic mulch for sale and it can even help you natural control weeds.

The Forest Floor
It was Grandma Wilson who first made us aware of the black treasure lying in the woods. She was a slight wisp of a lady with twinkling eyes and an infectious smile. It was her custom to select one child at a time and invite them to a breakfast of poached eggs floating in butter...
Acid Rain Protection
Spread Sweet Peet® as a mulch around the base of trees and shrubs to a thickness of 3 to 4 inches. Coverage should include all areas within the drip line of overhanging branches. Mulch should taper off near tree trunks so as not to come in contact with bark. Repeat application once a year. When...
Unhealthy Plants
Enriches Soil, Restores Gardens To Healthy, Vibrant Plants Organic gardening is the only method with which we can assure that our plants are healthy while knowing that no pesticides are used during its growth. It may not be easy to look after as it is in case of regular gardening. But once we start to...
Sweet Peet® Organic Mulch Eliminates Weeds Weed Mats Beneath Mulch Defeat Benefits of Organic Mulch We DO NOT RECOMMEND using a weed mat or other fabric beneath mulch. Using a weed mat or other fabric beneath organic mulch defeats many of the benefits of organic mulch by placing a barrier between the soil and...
Borders & Perennials
Keep those colorful perennials looking beautiful all season long. Sweet Peet® mulch helps nourish plants and flowers keeping them healthy and beautiful all season. Using Sweet Peet® provides a highly desirable growing medium known as compost, but unlike other compost, Sweet Peet® does not need to be stored or cured for 6-12 months before being...
Trees & Shrubs
Trees and shrubs are very important to maintaining your home’s value by beautifying your landscape. They provide a habitat for birds and wildlife and shade from the summer heat. Sweet Peet® helps retain moisture, suppresses weeds and looks great around plantings. Sweet Peet® Tip: Trees and Shrubs Prepare a hole twice the size of the...
Keep those colorful flowerbeds looking beautiful all season long. A little loving care, lots of sun, water, and Sweet Peet® mulch to help release the nourishment they need to get your grounds looking spectacular...
Fruit Trees & Vegetable Gardens
All Natural, Organic Sweet Peet® Is Safe For Use In Fruit and Vegetable Gardens. It’s dinner time… Sweet Peet® is the mulch of choice for producing rich, juicy, beautiful fruits and vegetables. Let Sweet Peet® help you prepare your next meal, by creating nutrient-rich soil for your vegetable garden. Because Sweet Peet® contains only all-natural...