Wright and Beth Dykeman

Dykeman Farm | Pawling, NY

dykemansWe operate a vegetable farm and have used Sweet Peet® on our land for the past 15 years or more. We aerate our soil by mixing Sweet Peet® into the topsoil and have had very good results. Sweet Peet® is fantastic as a mulch for flower beds, since it won’t wash away even in heavy rains. It holds the moisture in, and its dark color holds the heat in the early spring as well. The dark color also has a very aesthetic look. We’ve used Sweet Peet® around our raspberry plants to effectively keep the weeds down and make a nice pathway between rows. You can also use Sweet Peet® in your home gardens (as we have) to mulch between tomato plants, pepper plants, and other vegetable plants, rather than using plastic for a mulch. Overall, Sweet Peet® is a great product; one we have used for years and will continue to use.

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