I have been using Sweet Peet® since 1991. I first used the product in a garden on Fishers Island, NY that incorporated vegetables and flowers in irregular curved beds and pathways. The importance [of] using Sweet Peet® and the discovery of Sweet Peet® for me was the ability to be able to use the product nest to not only beautiful cut flowers but also all of the vegetables that I was now integrating with my flower gardens. My clients loved the color and the smell of the new mulch and were now hooked.

In the early years of purchasing Sweet Peet® and getting this product to this small island off the coast of Connecticut I had to drive approximately 5 hours round trip with a truck, get it loaded and then take a 45 minute ferry boat ride. It was all very well worth it because I was not only picking up a fabulous looking mulch, I was also picking up one of the best soil amendments for the very sandy island soil, making this find the best GOLD in gardening that I had ever found.

I continued using Sweet Peet® all through the years that I owned and operated a landscape contracting and design company on the East Coast. I sold this company, then moved to New York City and started a new landscape design company called Mingo Design, LLC. I found a supplier in Bedford, CT, where I could purchase Sweet Peet® by the bag with a handle. This was a definite bonus as many of the designs that needed to be installed in the city all of the products had to be carried through the people’s homes. Cow manure smelled so awful that many people specifically requested that I not use it. I would tell my customers that Sweet Peet® was just how it sounded—Sweet—in more ways than one, and not to fear!

One of the other advantages of using Sweet Peet® that came up for me out of gardening in the city was the value of using it to amend the soil. When I would come to design a garden, the home owner would look at me with this very worried look and say that they thought that we were going to need new soil. They would seem to be worried not only about all of the soil that would have to go through their homes, but also about then having to have new soil be brought back through their homes, as well as about the incredible cost of having all of this work done before a plant was even put into the ground. I would do a soil test of the soil and the majority of the time would find that the biggest problem with the soil in Manhattan gardens was that it needed more organic matter. Problem solved. I would bring in Sweet Peet® and would not have to take out any soil, saving the client a tremendous amount of money and recycling the poor soil. Great!

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