Fruit Trees & Vegetable Gardens

Fruit Trees & Vegetable Gardens


All Natural, Organic Sweet Peet® Is Safe For Use In Fruit and Vegetable Gardens.

It’s dinner time…

Sweet Peet® is the mulch of choice for producing rich, juicy, beautiful fruits and vegetables. Let Sweet Peet® help you prepare your next meal, by creating nutrient-rich soil for your vegetable garden.

Because Sweet Peet® contains only all-natural, organic ingredients it is entirely safe to use in fruit and vegetable gardens and in orchards. Its near neutral pH value helps in both acid and alkaline soils in maintaining the ph sweet spot to release locked up nutrients to the feeder roots of garden plants.

Use Sweet Peet® To Help Build Strong Luscious Fruit Trees.

Sweet Peet® is a tremendous asset for building strong root systems for fruit trees. Whether you are a home owner who likes large majestic fruit trees or a the owner of a small fruit tree nursery, Sweet Peet® mulch provides just what you need to maintain strong, healthy fruit trees.

Just 3″ to 4″ inches of Sweet Peet® around fruit or hard/soft wood trees is an ideal method to smother weeds in a plant free circle around the tree roots. Unlike most other mulches, Sweet Peet® doesn’t rob nutrients from the soil, but is more of a nurturer for the trees.